The Valley Forge Bridge Club

We are an ACBL-sanctioned bridge club, located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, serving the northern and western suburbs of Philadelphia.  Owners Dave LeGrow and Rob Maier welcome both new and seasoned bridge players in the Greater Philadelphia area to the Club.


October 19, 2021.

VFBC Joining Forces with Shore Bridge Club and New Hope Bridge Club


Effective immediately, the Valley Forge Bridge Club is joining with the Shore Bridge Club and the New Hope Bridge Club to offer a better schedule of Limited Games for their combined members.  This will provide a more comprehensive schedule of events, larger games, more competitive fields, and more attractive masterpoint awards.


The initial schedule of events will consist of:

Tuesday @ 10:15                           New Hope BC (New Hope)

Wednesday @ 10:15                    Valley Forge BC (VFBC)

Thursday @ 10:15                         Shore BC (Shore)

Friday @ 10:15                               Shore BC (Shore)

Saturday @ 10:15                         Valley Forge BC (VFBC)


All games are restricted to players with fewer than 500 ACBL Masterpoints.


VFBC strongly encourages you to forward your BBO usernames (and those of your partners) to both the Shore BC and the New Hope BC as soon as possible to be able to enjoy the advantages of this collaboration.

Shore BC                               Martin deBruin        609-816-2168

New Hope BC                      Jane Ball                              215-622-3289


If this arrangement is successful, we may be adding more games to the schedule going forward.


As always, thanks for your loyalty.  We hope these changes will add to your enjoyment of the game.




The Club...


Effective September 1, the Club has shifted (at least temporarily) to a completely on-line presence.


The website will continue to be maintained, as the Club pursues alternate playing sites for a reduced face-to-face presence.





If you are attempting to contact the Club by phone, please call Dave (484-433-0098). 






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