The Valley Forge Bridge Club

We are an ACBL-sanctioned bridge club, located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, serving the northern and western suburbs of Philadelphia.  Owners Dave LeGrow and Rob Maier welcome both new and seasoned bridge players in the Greater Philadelphia area to the Club.


Home page last updated:  16 October 2019

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Club Appreciation Games are here…

During the weeks of October 14-20 and 21-27, games will pay extra points; no extra card fees.


The ACBL is switching to their “ACBL Live for Clubs” for posting of club results.  Support for the current technology will cease at the end of this month, so we are NOW POSTING RESULTS on that medium.  We have changed the link below to take you to the new location.  If something doesn’t work correctly for you, let us know and we’ll try to get it fixed as soon as possible…

Some of our weekday games have become sold out on a recurring basis.  It is not uncommon to fill the venue to capacity (especially on Tuesdays) and to have to turn away partnerships that we cannot accommodate.  AS A RESULT, it is necessary to clarify the methods we are employing to minimize inconvenience and uncertainty to both players and Directors alike…  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REVIEW WHAT WE ARE DOING TO HELP US HELP YOU…!   THANKS.


The Club is now using a NEW phone number:  610-804-8394

The old number will remain in effect for some time, but PLEASE start using the new number for direct communications to the Club.  Thank you…!

Next Swiss Team Game(s):

TODAY ---Wednesday, October 16 (12 noon)

Thursday, October 24 (12 noon)

Both games pay 5% xGold Pointsx

Start putting your teams together now for both dates…

We are planning on resuming Classes in January, including courses for Advanced Players.  Please click HERE to see an Interest Survey – your input will influence what courses are offered and what times will be utilized.  If you’re interested in a class, e-mail us your preferences…

NOTE:  Please do not e-mail us on the day of a game for reservations or to request a partner.  We check e-mails when we first arrive to open up, but not afterward.  PLEASE CALL THE CLUB (610-804-8394 NEW NUMBER) and actually speak to the Director to make certain that we have your information or request.  THANKS.







215 West Church Road, Suite 100

King of Prussia PA 19406 (Click for Map)

Club (Phone):  (610)-804-8394 x(NEW NUMBER)x  

E-mail the Club at:


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Open Pair Games on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons, and Friday mornings.

Limited Game (0-750) on Wednesday evenings.

Limited Game (0-50) on Saturday mornings.







                            ACBL (American Contract Bridge League)

                                                                                                ACBL District 4

Philadelphia Contract Bridge Association (Unit 141)

                                                                                                              Dave LeGrow’s Website