The Valley Forge Bridge Club

We are an ACBL-sanctioned bridge club, located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, serving the northern and western suburbs of Philadelphia.  Owners Dave LeGrow and Rob Maier welcome both new and seasoned bridge players in the Greater Philadelphia area to the Club.


August 1, 2021.


Status of Face-to-Face Games at the Club:

Tuesday, August 3, Open game (12N) is ON.

Wednesday, August 4, Open game (12N) is CANCELLED (probably permanently)

Thursday, August 5, Open game (12N) is PROBABLE.


REMINDER (Updated):

The Club maintains a policy of requiring that all players show evidence of full vaccination; MASK USE IS ENCOURAGED, BUT ONLY REQUIRED IN COMMON AREAS OF THE BUILDING (Lobby, Restrooms...), in keeping with the latest CDC advisory.  Management (and your fellow players) thank you for your observance.


Wednesday Afternoon Game – Suspended Until Further Notice

The Wednesday afternoon has been struggling to get a meaningful turnout.  Small games are a source of frustration to the players and the director.  Unless and until there is a visible demand for this game, we will no longer place it on the schedule.  Open games can be found at North Penn and at the Bridge Studio of Delaware.


Wednesday Evening Game NOT Returning to the Club for Face-to-Face Play... 

The Wednesday evening 0-750 Limited game will remain ON-LINE for the time being.  The responses to the solicitation to return to the Club indicated that players did not have a strong desire to come out for the evening game... at least not yet.  So, we will continue to run the Limited game on-line at 6:45 in its current format.


Expanded On-Line Morning Limited Game Schedule...

We have expanded our on-line presence for Limited Games.  We are now conducting 0-500 games EVERY WEEKDAY at 10:15 AM. In addition to our previous Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday online games, we have added sessions on Tuesday and Friday, also at 10:15 AM.


Special Game Schedule at the Club (Extra points all year...)

The ACBL has granted Face-to-Face games at local clubs the ability to run a number of special games, awarding extra masterpoints.  As a result, the Club will be running these special games for ALL IN-PERSON GAMES through the middle of December.  Check the Club schedule for an exact listing of upcoming games...


Seminar Series “Making Sound Decisions”

Dave continues to host a limited series of seminars, collectively titled: “Making Sound Decisions”.  These sessions are being held at the Club on Monday afternoons from 3:00 – 4:30 PM.  Please let us know (phone or e-mail) if you are interested in one or more of the sessions. Click here for more information...  


Saturday Morning Limited Game Has Returned to the Club

The Saturday Morning Limited (0-500) game has returned to the Club for face-to-face play.  As before the pandemic, game time is 10AM.  We are taking reservations for future sessions of this game.  The format (18 boards) has been retained, as well as the reduced card fee ($8).  Welcome back.


Longer Term Prognosis for the Club

You have probably noticed that recovery is slow and tentative.  Games continue to be small, and it is necessary to occasionally cancel games.  We are trying to run Face-to-Face Open pairs games at noon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for the immediate future.  Come on out and play...!  There is no substitute for face-to-face play and the company of other bridge players.  The Club is currently taking reservations for sessions through the middle of August.  Call, or (better) e-mail the Club, or (best) sign up in the Reservation book at the Club. 


You are our Most Valuable Player...  please consider that the longer-term viability of the Club depends upon your support.  Help us bounce back better...




e-mail at:

Phone at:  484-433-0098






215 West Church Road, Suite 100

King of Prussia PA 19406 (Click for Map)

Club (Phone):  (610)-804-8394

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