Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – The VIRTUAL Bridge Club…


What’s different about playing on-line?

How do I join BBO and how do I establish an on-line identity?

I am already on BBO; how do I make sure my real name is in my profile?

Who can play in the Valley Forge Bridge Club Virtual Games?

How to I find VFBC Virtual games?

How to I pay for VFBC Virtual games?

What are BB$, and how to I purchase them?

Do Virtual games award ACBL Masterpoints?

How can I make sure my ACBL number is in my BBO account?

I registered for a game, but at game time, my reservation disappeared – what happened?

What happens if I get ‘bumped’ off-line in the middle of my Virtual Game?

How do I “Self-Alert”?  (John Early has created a video to help you…)

Can I ‘claim’ the rest of the tricks during a hand?

Where are the results posted?

Can I see or print the hands for recently completed games?

My partner and I have 12 Masterpoints between us, but were in the “A” strat.  Why?

If I am a regular at VFBC and want to play elsewhere, what do I have to do?

I’m having trouble putting my real name or my ACBL in my BBO profile; can you help?